Quick & Easy Tropical Christmas Fruit Ambrosia (Kids love it!)

Here's an off-the-wall treat that brings a little bit of the tropics to your Christmas snacking. It's fun and easy to make, but be warned: This is a sweet, sugary, fruity delight that's meant to be a once in a while treat only!


2-4 Red Apples
2-4 Oranges
1-2 Can Pineapple rings or chunks
2-4 large bananas
2 Kiwis
1-2 16 oz bag of a shredded coconut (sweet)
1-2 16 oz bag of dark chocolate chips
1 small bag red & green chocolate chips or sprinkles

Slice the apples and bananas into 1/4" slices. Slice the orange into wheels and remove the peel.

In a large, deep baking dish or tin serving pan, layer the fruits and sprinkle the coconut and chips in this order:

Dark Chocolate Chips

The pan should be deep enough to make two layers. Sprinkle some red & green chips or sprinkles on the top layer and decorate with Kiwi. Serve immediately!
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